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Since 2004

What's in the name ?


Manoah means "Place of rest".


Manoahretreats is the leading provider and pioneer of exclusive and secluded Yoga retreats in Brazil,Bali and Nicaragua .Bringing together the most off the beaten path locations not known to the general tourist.

We provide you with great Yoga facilities,beautiful eco-chic and rustic accommodations,delicious healthy food and a supportive staff to make your dream come true,all set on a wide pristine beach and jungle of breathtaking natural beauty.Specializing in exclusive transformational wellness experiences for Yogis and Yoga teachers alike that would like to bring their own groups without all the stress and hassle that comes with organizing large groups.


Manoahretreats offers exclusive locations and life enriching experiences for active conscious travelers to enjoy healthy vacations in preserved environments and awe inspiring architecture.

We facilitate retreats that open opportunities through stress-relieving disciplines,mind blowing adventures,local cultural experiences and we delight your senses with our foods.Manoah retreats local knowledge is created  into a handcrafted Yoga and wellness retreat ensuring every detail for the traveling Yogi or Yoga teacher bringing their group.


Our small team of seasoned travel and wellness experts, will ensure your Yoga Vacation is an unforgettable experience. Each retreat is hands on and also hosted by our owner Donna,who is fluent in all local languages,culture by bringing you a fully serviced Yoga retreat, where every detail is perfect from Yoga and wellness,to the  teachers,local culture,food,and all the fun activities offered during your stay.All the destinations we offer we have lived and speak each language fluently. We hope you will allows us to share our favorite places with you and enjoy the journey.


Love and Light

~ Manoah retreats

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